Backing Tracks

Backing Tracks

We have an extensive range of Backing tracks available already, however we specialise in making bespoke backing tracks that are tailored to your needs.

For example, you might have an audition coming up, but the track that you struggled to find in the first place is too high for your vocal range. .



We can produce a professional backing track that will be tailored to your needs, such as it has to be exactly 90 seconds long or has to have no guitar part in as your examiners will mark you down in your performance exam if a guitar is playing the same as you on the track you have. We can help you.

So far we have made many tracks and of late most people are wanting tailored tracks to help them with their auditions for “The Voice. If you need some help sounding amazing with a track you can trust, then get in touch. We even give you several copies so that you always have a spare, because we know how it really is out there.

Here’s an example of Portishead’s “Glory Box” which we produced to a precise length for an applicant for “The Voice”.