Mixing / Rescue

RMS Rescue

At RMS we specialize in some pretty full on audio work. Audio manipulation is a sought after skill and it can be the difference in producing a fantastic mix for your track or be responsible for your track sounding out of time and like it’s swimming in gravy.

Maybe you’ve had the other scenario too, where you go into a studio in good faith, you don’t want to put their back up and you don’t trust them anymore anyway because they have either lost your recordings on their hard drive or have recorded everything so badly that the end result is just a million miles from what was in your head when you approached them

At RMS we have the capability to process your files for you, so that your takes are more in time and that the files have less audio “gravy”. We can’t miraculously get your files for you if they were lost by another studio.. we’re not Doctor Who.

But what we can do, and have done for many, is used whatever files could be rescued by the studio and then effectively continued the recording process from where they left off. This means we get what we can, and then take a fresh look at it and rescue what can be rescued from the files you have managed to get back from your studio. You’d be surprised how many people stop the recording process halfway through due to technical issues or because no-one can tell what part of the recording is making everything else not work.

At RMS we organise everything for you and tidy it all up and then work alongside you to record the remaining tracks. We can then mix it with you and give you something back for all that effort you put in to that first session you thought was unusable. We can either produce the wave files you need to send off for mastering or do our own lower scale mastering and produce a master copy for you to send off for reproduction.

It’s not all doom and gloom either, we don’t have to rescue anything! If you have a recording project in mind then we have the facilities to record in one of two scenarios, either in our overdub home studio or as part of our mobile recording setup. We do not have a multi-Million pound recording desk or anything like that… We simply use a fabulous soundcard and the right recording techniques to build a great recording. If you want Multi-Track recording, then we know some ace people you can check out in our links section! We can accommodate a great deal though, so feel free to get in touch!

We have also taken on many remix projects in the past and have worked alongside some fabulous artists. If you would like a remix doing of one of your songs… maybe you want something a little different for a single release? Maybe an alternative angle for a music video you have in mind? Then we can help you. For a mutually beneficial fee we can produce a quality remix for you, pushing your song in a different direction helping you to reach a different audience demographic. Lots of smart people are doing this now so feel free to give us a shout!

Here are some examples of our previous remixes: