Scores & Transcription


At RMS we have some of the best ears in the business. We can transcribe ANY piece of music, be it a Miles Davis solo or a Metallica drum part, it makes no difference to us.
Dance music? No problem.

Anything is doable as far as RMS are concerned. We are internally programmed to say… “Yes”.



Featured below are some examples of our transcription/scoring work. We use Sibelius to produce a fantastic and USABLE score that can then have the parts separated as PDF files and therefore printed at your leisure and convenience for your next band rehearsal.

Transcription can be a lengthy process, and each song obviously has its own problems and tribulations to overcome, however a typical transcription can take up to 10 hours with our rates being considerably less than the specialist transcription service sites. Why? Because we succeed as a business by accepting lots of jobs of all sizes, rather than being elitist and making out like we’re the only people who do this. We’re not, but we’re good at it and you’ll struggle to find anyone cheaper at this high quality, we can assure you.

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Sample Scores

Gozando Sibelius Lead sheet (Piano) 30-7-2013-1

Gozando - Bass Guitar Part-1

Gozando - Percussion Parts-1