Session Work


Ryan has been a professional musician for 25 years and is Grade 8 on Bass and Guitar. He also plays drums and can follow charts and is always available for recording session work.
Ryan will turn up promptly and play whatever you need him to play. 

He is most usually sought after for harmonica session work, as this is his specialist instrument, and it’s hard to find a harmonica player with Ryan’s talent. He is regarded by many as the best harmonica player in the North of the UK and as such is in high demand.

Ryan has recorded on some great records already and is available to accept session requests at your leisure, so please hit contact and get your request in!

Album: Antonio Lulic – Never or Tonight:
Never Or Tonight – Bass Guitar
Now It’s Cold –Bass Guitar
Made Of Stone – Bass Guitar
What I Need – Harmonica
Hey It’s Okay – Harmonica

Ruby Macintosh – Ruby Macintosh
Will You Be Mine – Ukulele & Washboard
Hey There Cutie – Electric Guitar
Cherry Pie – Electric Guitar
I Don’t Miss A Trick – Electric Guitar
Ladykiller – Harmonica

Scott Wainwright – Every Man Has His Critics
Out Into The Open – Vocal & Harmonica

Peculiar Blue – EP3
As You Blow – Harmonica

Steve Hopton – The ladies, The River, The Rocket and The Fool
A Fool Such As I – Harmonica